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  • A Comprehensive Ride Review of the Pursuit

    This is an unsolicited (all our customer reviews are unsolicited) and unusually comprehensive ride review by an engineer/customer comparing the Specialized Roubaix (elastomeric damped carbon frame), and several others over some 25 miles of climb and descent in Northern New... read more

  • Ready to Ride Bikes

    New¬†custom orders on hold...temporarily In the last seven years we've produced some 600 custom bikes, but frankly, the production of custom orders has overwhelmed us and we need to catch up. We've normally had backlogs of up to 100 frames... read more

  • Cycling Plus Magazine Reviews the Pursuit

    Cycling Plus is the UKs largest cycling magazine, and they recently published a brief ride review of three¬†bikes of non-mainstream materials including the Renovo Pursuit. Both the print and online magazine are subscription only and have no links, so here... read more