Cycling Plus Magazine Reviews the Pursuit

January 07, 2015

Renovo Pursuit Wooden Bicycle ReviewCycling Plus is the UK's largest cycling magazine. They recently published a brief ride review of three bikes made of non-mainstream materials including the Renovo Pursuit. Their takeaway was that "It's a guaranteed head-turner that you could ride an all-day sportive on, and then hang over your mantelpiece with pride come the evening."





 Both the print and online magazine are subscription only and have no links, so here are screenshots of the introduction and the Renovo portion...

 Can Novelty and Performance go Hand in Hand?

The Renovo Pursuit "Surprise, it rides like a proper race bike"


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Killian Pacific commissioned this Renovo bike for Simple Bank as a reminder of the power of modern technology combined with traditional products. Kind of like a bank built solely on a great user interface, or a six-story building made from one of humanity's oldest building materials. So we made a bike that's "Simple" to use, but packed with technology.

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"Ride quality is clearly class-leading, just stunningly smooth and compliant. It soaks up the larger shocks, and damps the high frequency vibration better than any other frame material I've ridden, even Italian steel. In summary, the Renovo has been jaw-dropping impressive with its stunning ability to absorb bumps and provide a smooth ride while also remaining stiff and nearly flex-free when standing on the pedals."

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