Bike Sizing

Fitting a bike became simplified when the 'compact' frame was introduced in the late '90s. Previously, 'traditional' frames had a horizontal top tube, limiting the bike size to the inseam of the rider, ignoring his torso length, which of course spawned the cottage industry of making bikes to 'custom' sizes.
Compact frames solved the problem with an angled top tube which allows a wide range of inseams for  any torso and arm length, so the need for custom sized frames is unnecessary for the vast majority of riders. All Renovo frames are the compact configuration. 
Your correct bike size can be determined several ways:
  • If your current bike has fit comfortably over a reasonable period and you know the manufacturer and model, we can get that geometry to determine your correct Renovo size. 
  • You can get a bike fitting at a local bike shop. It is important to choose a shop that has a reputation for correct fits, we have seen many that are not correct.
  • You can use the form below. It collects all your important measurements as well as other important information such as physical limitations, personal fit preferences, your riding style, most comfortable fitting bike, etc. Renovo has used this form for over 500 fits without a problem. 

    To determine your correct size frame, please fill out the form below. It collects a lot of info, so you will need to scroll down to get to the 'Submit' button. We will confirm your frame size and component recommendations by return email.