Our secret weapon

As these craftspeople turn raw lumber into Renovo bikes, they give real meaning to handmade. They match the wood grain and color, crosscut, rip, plane and laminate up to forty individual pieces of wood to make the blanks for a single frame, all the while ensuring this complex puzzle will produce the desired final appearance. The CNC then gives them a short break while it cuts the inside and general outline of the frame, giving our crew a head start in shaping. From there, these folks visualize the shape and beauty hidden in the rough cut frame and painstakingly bring it forth as though it is a work of art, not a bike. The majority of the effort in making a Renovo frame is from these exceptionally talented and skilled craftspeople who love making frames as much as our customers love riding them.

Those who own a Renovo touch and see the craftsmanship whenever they ride, and are reminded of our crew's dedication to craft. 

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