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Are these bikes really made to ride?

Yes. Yes, and yes. We’ve been doing this since 2007; Total Ride Quality is why we started and hundreds of riders can attest to the superb ride quality of their Renovo.  We’ve learned from all of them that our bikes really are something special to ride, and not just because of how they look.

How can I test tide one of your bikes?

  • Visit us in Portland! You can check out our production facility and take a demo ride. There is an excellent riding path nearby along the Willamette River or we can direct you to a more challenging route.
  • Keep your eyes on our events page and Social Media feeds for demo events we’ll be attending in 2017.
  • We may have a dealer in your area. Check our dealer page to see and call them to check stock.

How strong are your frames?

Very. Long story short; yes indeed they are plenty strong in every aspect of bicycle design, validated over hundreds of thousands miles of customer riding from touring and commuting to road and mountain racing. More specifically, 'Strong' most often refers to a collection of specific engineering properties woven together to give a product a sense of ‘strength’. In engineering there are a number of very specific properties which describe a material’s strength, or resistance to loads depending on how they’re applied.

The trick for a bicycle is to apply in concert as many of these properties as necessary to achieve the performance for a bike’s purpose. We analyze all of these properties and test our designs, employing both Finite Element Analysis and physical testing of our frames. Read more in our wood + technology articles.

Wow, these are beautiful!

Ok..not a question, but we get it all the time! Thank you. We inadvertently benefit from the beauty of wood. Of course we contribute fine joinery and craftsmanship and try to make our designs beautiful, but the real reason we do this is because they ride even better than they look. Really- read more here.

How heavy are your bikes and frames?

Our frames are reasonably light, 3.5-5.0 lbs depending on model. They could be lighter, but we design for durability. The fragility of ultra-light frames is demonstrated by thousands of failed lightweight frames made from carbon, steel, aluminum and titanium.

Ride one and you’ll see why we refer to the ride quality more than anything else. If you’re like most riders in most situations, you’re better served by a bike that rides smoothly than the lightest steed on the road or trail. Complete road bikes can easily be less than 19lbs without spending crazy amounts of money to get there.

How do you make your frames?

We cover our methodology here, and have a couple videos featuring our framebuilding process as well.

Do you offer Factory Tours?

You are welcome to tour our shop during regular business hours. We ask that you contact us so we know when to expect you.

What if I get one and I damage it?

Ok...first you should read this about the durability of our frames. But know that if you do manage to damage a Renovo we can usually repair it, and if not we will offer you crash replacement pricing.

Do you offer a frame warranty?

We offer a lifetime warranty to the original owner of road bikes, and a 5-year warranty on mountain bike purchases- we build our bikes to last and we stand behind them. Read more here

I live in another country, how can I get a Renovo?

We take care of our international customers from our Oregon headquarters, and we've shipped bikes all over the globe. Email us for a shipping quote.

What if I want a custom frame?

While we no longer offer frame customization as a regular option, we do have limited availability for custom projects. Contact us to discuss your dream bike.

Why don’t you make forks (stems, bars etc) from wood?

First of all, we're not wood evangelists! There are many applications where wood is absolutely unsuitable, eg any clamping of wood for bars, seat posts etc. Our use of wood is primarily for the absorption of vibration and the frame is the greatest transmitter of vibration to the rider.

While we do agree more wood could be a thing of beauty we are first and foremost concerned with the performance of frames and components.

Wasn’t there a Renovo Triathlon Bike?

Yep. We made the Hoodoo Triathlon frame from 2010-2013; it was retired when we brought out the Aerowood, which has more appropriate geometry for everything outside of Ironman tris. (A Hoodoo finished the Ironman World Championship several times.)

Is there a Renovo Touring Bike?

While we’ve never expressly called out our all-arounder drop-bar bikes as “Touring Bikes,” that’s exactly what our Elwood and Firewood bikes have been for many riders. They’ve been ridden across America, border to border down the west coast, and all over Europe and Japan, loaded, towing trailers and credit card touring.  

If you’re into touring / semi-supported rides, randonee etc, check out the new John Day for a dreamily smooth rack and fender capable frame.