Singletrack Magazine:  Interbike 2016: Renovo Want To Give You Wood

Bike Radar: Proof that a wooden bike can be more than a novelty BikeRadar score 4/5 Stars

Bicycle Retailer and Industry News (page 8) reports on our first trip to Japan, and shows the custom Firewood road disc model we sold in Japan on which the new owner, David Litt completed a final 600km ride that qualifies him to ride the 1300km Paris-Brest-Paris brevet.

New Zealand Mountain Biker  Reviewed our Badash 29'er - "Despite the marketing message from Renovo about the ride-feel of wood, I was still surprised at how smooth this thing rides"

Bike Radar: Renovo Hoodoo Time Trial bike


SLOCylist - Is Wood the New Carbon?

Peloton Magazine - What's old is new


Cycling Plus is the UKs largest cycling magazine, and they recently published a brief ride review of three bikes of non-mainstream materials including the Renovo Pursuit. Both the print and online magazine are subscription only and have no links, so here are screenshots of the introduction and the Renovo portion...

Can Novelty and Performance go Hand in Hand?

"The Renovo Pursuit 

Katie Kelly compares the Pursuit (R4) to her Cervelo SLC-SL , the San Anselmo/Fairfax Patch.