Why Wood?


Renovo Wood Bike Frames are Made of Wood!

No other material can deliver the Total Ride Quality of a wood frame because select woods are the only single material that combines the properties of vibration damping and stiffness, so a laminated wood frame can have carbon-like stiffness while the entire frame acts to smooth shock and vibration.  

Shock and vibration are the villains in ride quality, delivered to the rider by the frame. 

Renovo engineers chose wood as a frame material for its outstanding shock and vibration damping while having the light weight, stiffness, durability and other properties to compete with or surpass other frame materials - a high performance material that will forever change your understanding of 'wood.' 

Renovo frames deliver superior ride quality over other frame materials with equal stiffness, even those using plastic inserts to improve the ride quality of carbon frames. We call our approach to ride quality 'Full Frame Shock and Vibration Damping' (FFSVD), combining the damping properties of wood with extensive engineering and testing to achieve the finest possible ride quality; unequaled in smoothness yet carbon-stiff in power transfer and control.

The Renovo Hollow Frame

Renovo frames are hollow to reduce weight, resulting in frame weights of 4 to 5 pounds. There is no internal reinforcement, but there is an aluminum sleeve for headset bearing loads, a short aluminum sleeve for the seatpost clamp, and an aluminum bottom bracket shell. We could make the frames lighter, but we think of them as heirloom rather than disposable, so they're designed for durability and ride quality rather than the lightest weight.  

Advantages of Wood

  • Wood is far superior to carbon and the metals at shock and vibration absorption
  • Wood is not susceptible to crack propagation from dents like the metals, nor is it notch-sensitive or damage-concealing like carbon.
  • The Renovo wood frame has much greater damage tolerance than other frame materials.
  • Although tough, if damaged, Renovo frames are usually easily and inexpensively repaired
  • Wood is as stiff pound for pound as the metals, even as it excels at absorbing vibration.
  • The fatigue life of wood exceeds steel or aluminum, and approaches carbon.
  • Wood is sustainable, while the metals and carbon are not. Worse, the production processes of the metals (especially titanium) and carbon are heavily polluting. 


Wood Meets High Tech